Bags & bags (plus some awesome utensil organizers)

If you saw our post on Vanlife Storage & Organization Solutions you may be aware of the seat organizers and sun visor organizers we manufacture. Let's take a peek at new products recently added to our storage collection. 


Meet our Van Overhead Storage Locker Divider Bags.

Adventure Wagon's Mule Bags and hard sided overhead storage cabinets are great ways to maximize space that would otherwise be wasted. We designed our Van Overhead Storage Locker Divider Bags to create "homes" for different categories of gear or clothing. They feature a 3 sided top zipper makes for easy access to bag contents, front webbing handle, and velcro loop for customized velcro ID tags for quick content identification. The bonus..... the pouches can be squished flat when not in use. 


Meet our Mesh Overland Laundry Bag

Now there's an easier way to collect dirty clothes that would otherwise end on the ground or shoved in bag or tote. Our Overland Laundry Bag features heavy duty mesh with material front slip pockets for storing laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, etc. It simply attaches to a headrest, bar, handle, or rod using its adjustable dual quick release buckles. 


Speaking of dirty things, meet our headrest trash bags.

Keep your trash up and out of the way with our Headrest Trash Bags. Ideal for vehicles that will be off grid for days at a time and organization is vital such as camper vans and overland rigs.

Available in two sizes; size medium holds 3 gallons, the large holds 7.5 gallons.


Utensil Organizers


Keep basecamp.... well, at least your mobile kitchen, more organized with our Utensil Organizers.

Our Top Chef Utensil Organizer makes rummaging through a box looking for kitchen utensils a thing of the past. With multiple attachment points and options, whether you secure it to L-track, anchors and screws and the d-rings, or the webbing loops and a dowel, installation is easy. When it's time to roll out simply roll up the organizer and secure with dual heavy duty hook and loop straps.


Measuring approximately 16" wide x 20" tall, our Back Country Utensil Organizer is ideal for minimalists and for smaller spaces while still providing the ability of rolling up and carry handle for easy transport.


Like all Overland Gear Guy products, our gear is made to order (i.e. can be customized!), available in a variety of colors, made in the USA, and backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty.

That's what we've got for you today. If you want to be among the first to see new products as soon as they're released, follow us on instagram.

Until then...... Keep Exploring!

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