Our Sister Company TheVestGuy.com

You may not be aware of our other company http://TheVestGuy.com  I started that back in 1990, making Gear for Police, Military, Emergency Services, and the 32 years progressed I started making gear for Paintball, Airsoft, Photography Gear ie: Photo Vests, Bean Bags, Camera Slings...

Now in 2023 you will find Items like 


* ANSI II Reflective Safety Vests

* Tactical Load Bearing Vests and Leg Pouches / Holsters

* Magazine Sling Packs

*CERT Vests, CERT Chest Packs, Cert Arm Bands

*Photography Vests and Bags

*Custom Arm Bands

* Firearms Instructor / Range Officer Vests

* Ares / Communications Vests and Arm Bands

* MOLLE Gear / Custom MOLLE Pockets

*1 Point Slings, 2 Point Slings, Sling Packs


CERT Vests - CERT Arm Bands - CERT Chest Packs




Fire Photography Vests



Shooter Sand Bag - Range Bean Bag 




The Vest Guy  - Custom Sewing in the USA since 1990




TheVestGuy Youtube Channel




TheVestGuy Instagram Page






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