2019 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 Van 144

8/22/19 - Purchased Hercules in Tiverton, Rhone Island, at Viti automative group  and drove it back to Salt Lake City, Utah.


We stopped at a couple cool places along the way



9/5/19 - We got the van wrapped by Yucky Production



9/21/19  got some new tires and wheel from https://www.lesschwab.com

Went with 265/70/17 Maxxis Razr and Black Rhino Warlord wheels



Went to San Diego to https://www.aluminess.com  to get installed  Front and Rear Bumpers, Rear Aluminum Storage Box, Rear Spare Tire Rack, New Modular Roof Rack, Nerf Bars, and Ladder.  The Exceeded all our expectations 




Front Bumper for the 2019 Sprinter 144 4x4 Van 



Aluminess Rear Bumper with Deluxe Box and Spare Tire Holder




Aluminess also installed the https://www.1up-usa.com  Bike Racks to hold our Rad Power Bikes https://www.radpowerbikes.com


Of course I had to put on the Spare Tire Trash / Recovery Gear Bag
Perfect for Firewood, Recovery Gear, Dirty Clothes, and it was designed for is Trash, no one wants to keep trash in their van, so we have a Durable, NON Fading Vinyl Fabric, we don't sell an ungraded buckle, because we give you the very best when you purchase.
Inside the Aluminess Deluxe Storage Box, we put the Tool Bag and the Van Gear Storage Bags
Custom storage bags for rear aluminum utility box
I have to be honest,  they Nerf Bars originally were just for looks, and then I thought it will keep the van from getting Door Dings, which it will, but WOW, the convienance of  these bars was great,  the 2019 4x4 stands about 2 1/2" taller than a 2WD  and it was quite a step to get into the van, not anymore, these bars made it so Nice.


I went back and forth wether to get a ladder,  I am glad I did


10-05-19 Fall Colors in Northern Utah
Overland Gear Guy Van 2019 Sprinter 4x4
Aluminess Front Bumper Overland Gear Guy Van 2019 Sprinter 4x4
1up Bike Rack Overland Gear Guy Van 2019 Sprinter 4x4
Bonneville Salt Flats
10-18-19 Goblin Valley, Southern Utah
Southern Utah
Southern Utah
Southern Utah
Goblin Valley, Utah
Goblin Valley, Utah
Factory Butte, Utah
Factory Butte