Seat Organizers Galore - Part I

If you're in the van life community, you may know us as the people who make van accessories. If you're in the jeep and off road community, you probably know us as the people who make jeep accessories. Regardless of which community you roll with, we have a variety of products that fit in a variety of rigs.

For trucks, jeeps, and cars, we have 3 different seat organizers available ranging between 21" and 22" in length. 

The Universal Seat Organizer has pockets, pockets, and more pockets. The top two rows of pockets actually are 3 pockets in 1; a slip pocket behind each pocket and a interior slip pocket in addition to each box pocket. 


Aspen seat organizer by Overland Gear Guy

The Aspen seat organizer is a mix of MOLLE (meaning you can expand the upper storage capacity if desired), oversized lower cargo and utility pockets, and mesh and zippered slip pockets. Add a rear vertical zippered slip pocket for a tablet and you're ready to roll.


The Scheel-Mann T1 Seat Organizer features some of our customer's most favorite features, box and lower cargo pockets similar to our Universal Organizer, a pocket for facial tissue, upper slip pockets, and two vertical zippered slip pockets (one in the front, one in the rear). 


For vans, our seat organizers are longer (29") to maximize the vertical space that would otherwise go un-utilized and short enough that allows swivel seats to still work.

Mercedes Sprinter Van seat organizer by Overland Gear Guy

The Sprinter I Seat Organizer was the first model of our seat organizers. Similar to the Aspen, the Sprinter I has upper MOLLE webbing, mesh and zipper slip pockets, and lower cargo and utility pockets. An oversized top zippered slip pocket holds two 15" laptop computers.


The Promaster II Seat Organizer is quickly becoming a fan favorite; with 3-in-1 pockets and lower cargo pocket like the Universal Organizer, and mesh and zipper slip pockets, there's plenty of reason to love the Promaster II organizer. 


The Yosemite Seat Organizer is the ultimate minimalist high back seat organizer. With zippered slip pockets and multiple size mesh slip pockets, it's easy to identify what you put in which pocket. 

Stay tuned for the second part of seat organizers when we'll share the difference of each seat organizer. Until then... keep exploring!


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