#Vanlife Meetup - Conversion Van Get together

We are in the beginning phase of arranging a Utah Van Meetup event and would love your input. Looking at a 3-day event (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in March or April 2020.

Objective of the meetup is to have fun, create memories, enjoy nature, learn, and make friends in the van life community.


Mini classes to include:

Photography Class - How to step up your van and nature / landscape images game

Recovery Class -  How to get your van unstuck 

Tool Essentials - Good tools to have in your toolkit

With more classes to come. 


*This is a free event hosted by Overland Gear Guy. *



{Potential Destinations}

Utah's West Desert with wild horses

Wild Horses


Wild Horses

Wild Horses


Wild Horse



Southern Utah's White Pocket. Abolutely stunning landscapes and very remote. Only downside is the drive there is restricted to 4 wheel drive vans only.

White Pocket
White Pocket
White Pocket

 Images Courtesy of RobsWildlife.com / @Robswildlife


Which month works for you and which destination interests you most? If you have any other destination suggestions within the Utah area, let us know.




Overland Gear Guy

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