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  • Bags & bags (plus some awesome utensil organizers)

    If you saw our post on Vanlife Storage & Organization Solutions you may be aware of the seat organizers and sun visor organizers we manufacture...
  • Vanlife Storage & Organization Solutions

    #Vanlife means "home" is where you park it. While you may have some of the comforts of home everywhere you go, each inch of your van is valuable real estate. Maximizing your storage space and keeping things organized...
  • Exciting News for 4Runner Owners

    If you own a 4Runner, you've probably experienced the joy of opening the back hatch and witnessing the rear cargo mess if you aren't using an aftermarket organizer.
  • Origin of Overland Gear Guy

    After getting fed up with the lack of quality, customizable products available, Overland Gear Guy began manufacturing custom overland items.